There is nothing better than popping into a store to cool down when it’s 90 degrees outside and accidentally finding the perfect new item for your wardrobe that you didn’t even know you were missing. Thank you, New York heat wave.

This midi dress from Urban Outfitters makes all of my goosebumps rise up – it is the perfect dress for every season. Though I have only owned it now for 3 weeks, in the hottest summer known to man (truly, the boob sweat has been unreal), I can hardly wait to style this dress year-round.

Summer: Grab a crossbody bag and some delicate sandals for on-the-go chic that keeps you cool.

Spring: Add a cardigan – great for those cooler nights by a fire pit with a glass of wine.

Fall: Throw a leather jacket over the top, great for a girls brunch in the fall.

Winter: Pair with black patent booties and an oversized sweater for the perfect winter date night look.

It’s honestly about to be the most versatile dress you own, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of it on my feed!

You can buy this perfect year-round midi dress here!

nyfw: how to

hiiiiiii all! yes, it’s been ages. yes, i’ve been slacking. yes, i will be better. no, i haven’t been busy, just lazy. k, glad we cleared that up.

as you know because you are my loyal followers and love everything i do and say and wear, i went to last month’s fashion week in new york city. it was INCREDIBLE. the most beautiful looks, absolutely amazing energy, and the most invigorating experience in fashion i have ever had. ever. and this is coming from a former pageant girl.

i wanted to give you my tips and tricks on how-to fashion week, so we can all best prepare for september’s shows and kill another season. keep in mind, this was my first (and only!) time at fashion week, so i’m going to share with you what i did do, what i didn’t do, and what i will do next time. without further ado, here’s how to get invited to shows and sit in the front rows (i love rhymes, sorry).

summary for lazy readers: you get invites to shows via emails to PR teams, dress to impress if you want to sit front row, stay close to chelsea area to save time and money

1. get a hotel to sponsor your stay – I DID NOT DO THIS but i 100% will next time

  • i read from a whole variety of bloggers that this is 1) very doable and 2) very helpful during fashion week. it is the same as asking for an invite to a show, so approach this as a business partnership between you and the hotel. this is a template i drafted that you can use in your letters:
    • Good morning, My name is __________ and I am the blogger behind __________ , a __________ blog. I am attending New York Fashion Week this February/September and will be documenting my stay and experiences on my blog and social channels. For my upcoming weekend, I plan to take photographs and write articles about my experience during New York Fashion Week and around the city to share with my followers the best way to experience the city and this exciting time of year. Given this project, I am reaching out to inquire if you provide support to bloggers. My followers love to engage with __________ (ideally travel, hotel, experiences in addition to fashion) and I am excited to show them the ease of staying in New York City with __________ (hotel). Between all channels, I have a reach of __________ people. Please find links to my website and social pages below. I will be visiting from __________ to __________. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best, Signature, Name, Blog Link, Email, Phone Number, Social Links (i.e. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)
  • definitely ask EARLY is what i have heard, as hotels fill up fast around show week
  • also, we stayed in midtown this time, but personally i prefer soho and it would save a ton of money to stay there or just lower manhattan in general. we spent so much money and time in ubers and cabs getting to and from the hotel changing for shows and dinners and activities, and i think if you could stay more central to the hub (from my experience, that would be pier 59 in chelsea) then you can save yourself a lot of headaches


2. reach out to PR companies that represent the shows you are available to see during your stay

  • this i did do, so you can trust me a little more that this works. again, i would do this early before the season really picks up as tickets are limited. when the show list comes out, look up when the shows are and which PR companies and points of contact are listed. i used to find the schedule and to find contacts. this is the exact template i used to get my invites:
    • Good morning, My name is __________ and I am the blogger behind __________, a __________ blog. I am attending NYFW and would like to request an invite and/or access to the backstage area of the __________ show in exchange for press on my website and social media channels. Between all channels, I have a reach of __________ people. My Instagram is __________. Please contact me at any time. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you! Name, Instagram, Blog Link, Email, Phone Number
  • YES, you will be ignored. YES, you will get nos. YES you will inevitably be invited to shows you can’t make. that sucks but it is what it is. i didn’t get invited to any “big name” shows, but it is still an amazing opportunity to see shows, sitting or standing, especially because you never know who the next big hit will be
  • next time, i think i will stay during the week – unfortunately, we got in midday on friday and left midday on sunday, and a lot of the bigger shows and people-watching seems to be during the week. if you can take the days off, maybe try that approach


3. if you want to sit front row, get there early and dress impressively

  • only one of the tickets i got during my stay was a seated assignment, and that happened to be the show i missed (bummer). the rest were standing assignments, meaning you stand behind the rows and bob and weave past people’s heads and massive fucking iphone cases to see anything. (still worth it)
  • if you don’t get a seated assignment, fear not. get there early enough and wear something impressive. honestly, i believe that is what got me seated FRONT ROW at my FIRST show ever. it was a combination of preparedness, uniqueness, and chance.
    • this was the night i wore the all hot pink (or all red as many were saying) suit – it was a standout among the crowd! people stopped me all night long about my look and how cute or bold or unique it was. being both prepared and your most authentic, badass self showing off your personality is what gets you noticed

luck is when preparation meets opportunity


now, here’s a list of the things i did not do that i will 100% do next time:

  1. spend a day sitting outside of the shows
    • yes, this is hard in february because its -19284 degrees, but in september this is probably easier. this is your chance to see celebrities and major influencers coming and going from shows, watch the incredible streetstyle from all the attendees, and soak up some of the amazing creative energy new york has to offer during fashion week (and always, honestly)
  2. attend fashion-week parties and events
    • brands and companies with a variety of products (lulus to refinery 29 and more) host parties and events during this week. get in touch with PR people for those events and attend for the networking and the amazing goody bags
  3. pass out my business card like a fucking hot potato
    • i really regret missing this opportunity. the number of people i met, spoke to, or was stopped by, i really should have been passing out my (bad quality, but still) business cards. this is a huge opportunity to grow your network, make friends, and gain authentic followers who you already know are 1) like-minded and 2) interested in what you have to share
  4. try even bolder outfits
    • no, i’m not gonna rock a lady gaga-esque money clip (not a joke, saw that in real life), but street style is some of my favorite to follow and see, and i would love to explore more of that. though my looks were bomb, don’t get me wrong, i really would love to do some even bolder, edgier looks. maybe one day i will be dressed by dior for their show, but in the meantime, h&m and forever 21 are my go-tos for those looks


lastly, remember to also pack comfy shoes (lots of walking), comfy clothes (be prepared to be bloated after pizza at old rose), extra contacts, a hair brush in your purse, pore-minimizing balm (i used this one), under eye masks (again, here’s what i used), eat and drink to your heart’s content, and just have fun. once you’re there, its hard not to!



i hope you learned something or at least found this break down a little more interesting after being forced to watch my story and my incessant posting for the weekend. just prepare yourself for september. 😉

as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or additional advice, send it my way!

post-christmas christmas list

all i want for christmas is everything.

but actually, i did get all the stuff i wanted this year. and more. so that was pretty lit. i wanted to make a list of things i got, things i bought, and things i’m jealous my friends got that i didn’t even know i wanted.

first off, i shopped exclusively online, and my family did mostly online as well. i think going to the mall these days is just silly when you can buy just about anything with free shipping from amazon.

gifts i got:

  • apple airpods
    • these were at the top of my list for a few reasons – one, because i needed wireless headphones to stream my pvolve workouts at the gym, but more importantly because everyone at work has them and i wanted to be trendy and cool like them
  • matching stole, gloves, and purse
    • i thought this was one of the sweetest gifts i got this year. my mom created a monochrome outfit from the coat i have and bought a stole, gloves, and a purse so i could shoot the look. she is so crazy thoughtful
  • instagrammers guide to nyc
    • anyone who knows me knows i’m obsessed with nyc and all things cute and stylish about it – poor preston had to take about 10,000 pictures of me for the trip we had in april, but now we have a book so we know the cute spots and don’t have to look for them on our own! lucky preston
  • 3 pairs of yelete workout pants
    • these are SO CUTE and so so comfortable. i got two pairs of the long ombre and one pair of the short ombre, all in mediums. they fit perfectly and are that material that holds you in but doesn’t hurt. match me in the pink and blue long ombre!
  • nike sweats
    • sooooo comfy and what i love about these is you can definitely dress them up or dress them down with streetstyle trends these days
  • nike shoes
    • these shoes are the bomb, they’re so lightweight and the grey is perfect – everyone knows i love a good groutfit
  • butt masks
    • okay i had never heard of these before but my mom found them on amazon and i am so glad she did. y’all know i love my booty, so why not give it the love i dedicate to my face?! these are literally masks for your butt. i got a pack of four and they are so cute and totally shelf or flat-lay worthy

gifts i bought:

  • masterclass pass
    • this gift was for my dad and one for his friend mike as well, but secretly its more for me. its an unlimited all-access pass to every online class that masterclass has to offer. we’ve started with the james suckling wine appreciation class, duh, but i cannot wait to dive into some of the writing courses, guitar, singing, even science and economics
  • shaker set
    • this is the chicest little set for your kitchen counter and comes with a great book full of the classics and modern drinks. a staple for any fellow alcoholic
  • vinyl records
    • we have a record player at my house and we just love it – there is something so fun about playing a record rather than streaming something from a speaker. we all got a lot of records this year (fleetwood mac, a star is born, guardians 1 & 2) and i can’t stop jamming out
  • wine chiller
    • if you’re a wine snob like my family, you’ll love this chiller. everyone knows whites and reds need to be chilled to be best enjoyed, but it’s so annoying to have to wait and leave the bottle in the fridge. this instead is a metal rod and aerator that you keep in the freezer. when you want your wine, take it out and plop it into your bottle to keep beverages cold without having to wait! just be sure to pour a little taster out before you put the rod in, as some bottles are filled too high to add the rod immediately
  • hair curler
    • mom and i both struggle with ultra flat hair, so i got her this really cool volumizing, sleeking, curling device that does all three with a hairbrush-like rod. we’ve been loving it so far and it gives great shape and body
  • womens gloves
    • momma is off to paris soon, so nice, warm gloves were a must considering her old ones were CLOTH and covered in coffee stains (oops, sorry!)
  • egg pore balm
    • haven’t tried this yet but can’t wait to – is rumored to give you ultra-smooth skin with like no trace of pores. its facetune in a bottle
  • passport holder
    • again, for mom. this is a really cute but still simple/modern passport holder that carries your passport and a few cards. when you’re traveling abroad its so important to have your passport with you always, and my mom is always so worried about having her purse stolen that i thought this was an easy one-stop guarantee that she has everything she needs without needing a purse
  • mens joggers
    • casey was in desperate need of joggers and these ones are pretty cool with the zipper pocket
  • carhartt jacket
    • keeps my electrician warm, you can’t go wrong with a carhartt jacket. however, i bought mine at carhartt, and i would recommend buying at dicks for easier returns when you buy him a small and he complains that he’s actually a medium. ok honey.
  • peacoat
    • everyone needs a good winter coat and for the wannabe stylish guys in your life, this is perfect. it’s still very understated but warm and classic
  • jersey
    • if you see your SO on sundays, i hate you
  • wallet
    • i spent a pretty solid amount of time picking out a mens wallet because frankly the needs could not be different from what i would look for in a wallet. i searched high and low for good quality but still understated, masculine, and very streamlined. no one wants a big lump in their pants (debatable i guess)
  • golf pants
    • nike has some great golf pant options on amazon and they came in fitting like a glove
  • calphalon cookware
    • for the chef in your life, get them new pots and pans. you truly cannot go wrong. my dad’s face just lit up at the idea that he could finally throw away the old pots he’s been using, and calphalon is a fantastic brand to gift to your mini guy fieri
  • sitting pillow
    • casey plays a lot of video games – a lot – and this memory foam sitting pillow is great for reading, video games, hell, even eating in bed
  • skincare pillow cases
    • if youre picky about skincare like we are at the price family household, you know how bad pillowcases are for your skin. check out these skincare pillowcases that actually help keep your face clean and bacteria-free even while you sleep
  • golf glove and ballsack
    • yes, you read that right. a golf ballsack. its pretty funny looking and though i doubt it will ever get used, it’s a great stocking stuffer. plus the glove says “nice shot” right down the middle finger for less-than-tiger-status players

gifts everyone else got that now i wish i did:

  • fleece sweater
    • these are so cute and so so cozy and i regret not asking for one. with the teddy coat trend still on a big high, i feel like these are a good everyday alternative to the oversized fuzzy jackets
  • big statement coat
  • puff ball beanie
    • ugh so cute and so perfect for any winter trip! channeling my inner snow bunny in this
  • slippers
    • ugg slippers look so comfortable and i want that for myself. plus then kali can have free range on all my cozy socks
  • a fiancé
    • just kidding. mostly


anything you got that you want to share? let me know & i can add it to this list and also envy you.

rip her to shreds

i just freaking love this look. in part because i distressed these jeans myself, but also because a tight turtleneck is (imo) one of the sexiest looks. something so understated about them!

these were lucky brand boyfriend jeans that i tore apart about two years ago during a gossip girl binge. the best part about distressing your jeans is that it’s easy and mindless, once you’ve decided where the tears will go. here’s my no-fail, step-by-step guide to distressing your favorite boyfriend jeans.

1. put the jeans on and, with a sharpie, mark (tiny dots!) where you want the holes to be. for instance, with these jeans i knew i wanted big, wide holes in the thigh region, so my dots were wide set. put them in the four corners of the hole.

2. next, using scissors, cut horizontally along the top and bottom of the hole.

3. using tweezers, pull the dark, denim threads upwards and out of the jeans. the jeans are held together in a crossing pattern, so pulling the denim threads out vertically is what creates the white stripes within the hole. this part is tedious but mindless, so this is where gossip girl came in for me.

4. once you’ve pulled all the denim strands out, use the tweezers (closed or open) and run them across the cut you made. this gives the cut a distressed look instead of a perfect, clean cut. washing them will also also help rough the cuts up.

5. repeat wherever you want a hole or a distressed patch!

more milkshakes pls!

i just die for a camel coat in the fall. nothing says ‘i’m ready to eat my weight in pumpkin pie’ quite like a camel coat.

shop the items here!

pacsun shirt (this one is the one i’m wearing, but you can find awesome graphic tees here)

fashionnova jeans

FILA disruptor II

prettylittlething coat (the exact one i bought is gone, so here is one from them that is the same color, and here is one that is more similar but from asos/boohoo)