forever 21 haul

as promised – better late than never – here is my forever 21 haul. bought these staple items for less than $200 total, and got so many killer looks from combining them with basics in my closet!

you can watch the quick styling video here

shop the looks below:


camo cargo pants

black patent leather boots

fila disruptors

cargo pants

black strappy pumps

released hem denim

Nike roshe

cropped chambray

strapped nude pumps

green v neck sweater

white belted shorts

light wash distressed denim

blush overall dress

white long sleeved dress

suede peep toe heels

striped blush blouse

green velvet skirt

grey riding boots

floral tie top

white ribbed sweater

otk black boots

super dark wash jeans

velvet maroon wide leg pants

tan trench coat

lace collared blouse

white tie neck blouse

plaid skirt

white button down

let’s get fucked up

anyone who knows me knows that 90% of my diet is alcohol. wine, martinis, margaritas, mojitos, i love them all. & i’ve never been one to discriminate against a certain type of liquor, as i’m sure that list just clarified for you. so, as your resident budding-alcoholic, here are some of my favorite recipes for some of my favorite drinks.

first though – invest in a damn bar kit. yes, it makes a difference when you shake versus stir. go to your local home goods and fork up the $7 for the jig and shaker and mace, you’ll be glad you did.

dirty martini

  • fuck load of ice
  • grey goose
  • dry vermouth
  • olive juice

first things first, the key to a killer martini is that it is fucking FREEZING cold. i start by filling up my shaker with a crap load of ice for this one.

2 shots grey goose, 1/2 shot DRY vermouth (at the most), 1/2 shot olive juice – we’re talking straight from the jar of green olives in your fridge. we literally keep a jar that no longer has olives just simply for the juice.

pour all this good stuff on top of the ice in the shaker and shake that bad boy like we all know you know how 😉 sorry grandma. pour into a chilled martini glass. we got a cute matching vintage set from happy hour in old town alexandria.


  • mint
  • limes
  • simple syrup
  • bacardi
  • club soda

this one is delicious and so refreshing, and has become my summertime go-to. start with your empty shaker and toss a ton of mint in there – they say 10 leaves per drink but i like mine really minty. squeeze 1/2 lime on top and pour a generous tablespoon of simple syrup on top. now mash the shit out of that (add crushed ice if you need help really smashing). fill the shaker with ice and pour 2 shots of bacardi over the top before you shake this one to death. the more shaking the better, as it breaks up the mint even more and gets it that super refreshing taste. pour over a glass with ice and top with 1/2 can of club soda (about 4 oz). stir, with your cool stir stick if you listened to me and bought a set. yum.


  • tequila
  • limes
  • simple syrup
  • cointreau
  • salt
  • grand marnier

stop with the fake store-bought mix shit. i’m so over that. i won’t even order margaritas at a restaurant anymore if they use a pre-made mix. first off, its just straight sugar and is guaranteed to give you a headache. secondly, my recipe has tons more liquor in it so you can get fucked up even faster.

in your shaker filled with ice, pour 3 shots tequila (idc if its gold or silver personally), juice of a lime, 1 shot simple syrup, and 1/2 – 1 shot cointreau. cointreau is an orange liqueur that just adds a yummy kick. shake and pour into a salt rimmed glass (i use the lime to get the rim wet before putting it in the salt, so you get the lime flavor) filled with ice. top with a floater of grand marnier. ugh i’m salivating rn.


  • gin or vodka
  • simple syrup
  • lime

gimlets are good with gin or vodka, but i prefer gin for mine. this one is easy – 2 shots gin, 1 shot simple syrup, 1/2 lime in a shaker filled with ice. shake and serve baby. love this one because its quick, easy, and tastes like sugar so you can pound these bad boys easilyyyyy.

old fashioned

okay, i don’t drink these, but if any men read this blog (lmao) then you probably wanted to see a recipe on something like this.

  • water
  • sugar cubes
  • angostura bitters
  • bullet rye
  • orange peel

in a glass, muddle a spoonful of water, one sugar cube, and 3-4 drops of bitters. add 2 shots bullet rye and ice. stir for one minute (apparently this duration matters). slide an orange peel across the rim of a chilled glass and drop into the glass with a large ice cube. strain the mixture into the glass & enjoy!


my favorite shot is one of these three:

  • fireball no chase
  • raspberry vodka with a lemon wedge covered in sugar (shot then lemon)
  • captain & dr. pepper – literally can’t do any other soda

anything i missed? any drinks you want me to learn to make so i can get drunk trying the recipes out for you? let me know.

time to get away

wish i could say this outfit was planned to match this perfect airbnb, but it was totally unintentional which i just love. this house was so cute & we got to pick all of these flowers, so i made a bouquet for my mom since she watched kali for me all weekend.

if you don’t own culottes yet, you’re a fool. you need these. they’re trendy but still really relaxed, and you can’t go wrong with this subtle print. buy all these goodies here.

bodysuit: no more sparkle bodysuit, so here is a Sleeveless V-Neck Bodysuit in a pretty soft pink from Forever 21

culottes: these are the closest i could find, sorry loves 😦 Pinstriped Culottes from Forever 21 (i have culottes in large but i’m wishing they were medium!)

watch: use my code HANNAHFAITH for 15% off online and in store!

boys, beets, battlestar galactica

‘be single while you’re still young’

‘be free’

‘take time to learn who you really are before you fall in love’

fuck. all. that. advice.

summary for lazy readers: being single is not cool. it’s not freeing. in fact, it’s the least freeing thing i’ve ever done. it’s unstable, it’s boring, it’s sexless, and frankly it’s not worth trying. don’t recommend.

first and foremost, i’m not dating, i’m barely even trying, let’s be honest. i’m a pretty passive dater. i refuse to date a coworker or use a dating app to meet someone, and don’t go out where sexy humans spend their time. even when i do, i stand in the corner with my active bitch face telling the world not to even try to talk to me. i can imagine my abf is pretty bad considering no one ever does approach, and my rbf is pretty scary as it is.

even if i was tindering, idk what i’m supposed to do. i’ve never gone on a blind date or met up with someone i hadn’t sufficiently stalked online first. how do you start the conversation in person when you’ve already flirted a little over messenger? how do you ask about them as a person without asking about exes and their weird relationship with their mom and the age they were when they first watched porn? i don’t know – i’m too forward to figure out that fine line i guess. with me, it’s pretty all or nothing.

but let’s say god is smiling on me and fucking blesses me from above with a hot guy that approaches me at a bar or meets me through a friend. *thank you, jesus* what is this poor guy supposed to do, come back to my place? fall in love with me over a dinner that my dad cooks us? propose in the living room so my incessantly nosy parents can be involved? living at home lacks all romance.

being single and living at home – now that’s the most depressing thing i’ve ever done. nothing like trying to flirt with someone over text while your dad is screaming about the game in the nearby living room. talk about plain creepy.

honestly though, the hardest part for me is my pickiness. be cute, wealthy, slightly older, significantly taller, light eyes, dark hair, obsessed with me, gentlemanly, get along with my family, spoil the shit out of me. that’s all i ask. i think it’s relatively simple yet apparently it is not. add to it the fact that i am a serial monogamist, relationship hopper, girlfriend extraordinaire. no guy wants to commit from day one, but i love to bag ’em early. hello, my name’s hannah, i’m already in love with you and we’re officially exclusive now, k? come meet my parents and tell me how in love with me you are.

it’s hard because as a female with a history of long and super-serious relationships, i think guys can see that red flag waving from afar. it must be a twinkle in my eye they spot from the minute we meet. and how do you overcome that as a girl who, sure, only ever has experience in that, but who is willing to try out the whole casual dating thing?

let’s be honest, i don’t need a boyfriend, i need a sugar daddy. or two. three preferred. i need someone who wants to take me out, show me off, spoil me, and treat me like a princess. those guys do not exist unless they’re the creepy foreigners dming you to be their mail-order wife. no thanks, block.

guys these days, or maybe just guys i’m around, just want to sit around and relax. i’ve relaxed for the last 24 years of my life, that’s all you do in stable relationships. i’ve watched the office on netflix 749 times because that’s just what you do when you’re wifed up. not complaining, but just saying i can watch the office on my own time now, thank you – it’s your job as the new love interest to woo me. where’s this guy at?

taking a moment to self-reflect, i think a lot of my struggles boil down to my weird need to be courted. i don’t want to meet you on tinder because that requires me taking an action and putting myself out there. i don’t want to be welcoming at the bar because i’m sorry but if one more weirdo approaches me i’m going to throw a punch. i don’t want to be living at home anymore because – you know what, that one’s self-explanatory. but here i am finding no love falling into my lap and wondering what i should do next.

for the pros, being single has helped me focus on my health, losing weight and getting skinny. that’s because it’s pretty unattractive to feel like you have to suck in during sex in every single position. it’s helped me finally launch my blog and grow my instagram, because i’m pretty fucking bored every day and have nothing better to do than talk to and take pictures of myself. it’s helped encourage me to save more so i can move out soon, through my resentment of living at home for free where all my food is prepared and water is always hot and my dog is loved. you know, it’s the little things.

moral of the story is, looks like i am about to be single forever with this lazy mindset. in 30 years you’ll find me still living at home, still not using apps, still not being courted – still. single.

but you know what, all boys suck. so, c’est la vie. at least i have kali to cuddle me at night.





easy, breezy, beautiful, cover squirrel

today i am blessing your feeds with my stunning face. you’re welcome.

shop all the products used in the links below!

Tinted Moisturizer – Laura Mercier in Porcelain

Concealer – Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15

Setting Powder – Cover FX in Translucent Light

Sponges – Sephora Collection

Concealer Brush – Sephora Collection

Contour – Sephora Collection Contour Powder in Tranquil

Contour Brush – Kat Von D Powder Contour Brush

Foundation Brush – Marc Jacobs Beauty Sculpting Foundation Brush

Blending Brush – Sephora Collection Pro Contour Highlights Brush

Bronzer – Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer

Bronzer Brush – Sephora Collection Classic Contour Powder Brush

Blush – Nars Orgasm

Blush Brush – Sephora Collection Pro Stippling Brush

Highlight – Laura Mercier Indiscretion

Brow Pencil – Anastasia Beverly Hills Browwiz in Chocolate

Mascara – Kush by Milk