post-christmas christmas list

all i want for christmas is everything.

but actually, i did get all the stuff i wanted this year. and more. so that was pretty lit. i wanted to make a list of things i got, things i bought, and things i’m jealous my friends got that i didn’t even know i wanted.

first off, i shopped exclusively online, and my family did mostly online as well. i think going to the mall these days is just silly when you can buy just about anything with free shipping from amazon.

gifts i got:

  • apple airpods
    • these were at the top of my list for a few reasons – one, because i needed wireless headphones to stream my pvolve workouts at the gym, but more importantly because everyone at work has them and i wanted to be trendy and cool like them
  • matching stole, gloves, and purse
    • i thought this was one of the sweetest gifts i got this year. my mom created a monochrome outfit from the coat i have and bought a stole, gloves, and a purse so i could shoot the look. she is so crazy thoughtful
  • instagrammers guide to nyc
    • anyone who knows me knows i’m obsessed with nyc and all things cute and stylish about it – poor preston had to take about 10,000 pictures of me for the trip we had in april, but now we have a book so we know the cute spots and don’t have to look for them on our own! lucky preston
  • 3 pairs of yelete workout pants
    • these are SO CUTE and so so comfortable. i got two pairs of the long ombre and one pair of the short ombre, all in mediums. they fit perfectly and are that material that holds you in but doesn’t hurt. match me in the pink and blue long ombre!
  • nike sweats
    • sooooo comfy and what i love about these is you can definitely dress them up or dress them down with streetstyle trends these days
  • nike shoes
    • these shoes are the bomb, they’re so lightweight and the grey is perfect – everyone knows i love a good groutfit
  • butt masks
    • okay i had never heard of these before but my mom found them on amazon and i am so glad she did. y’all know i love my booty, so why not give it the love i dedicate to my face?! these are literally masks for your butt. i got a pack of four and they are so cute and totally shelf or flat-lay worthy

gifts i bought:

  • masterclass pass
    • this gift was for my dad and one for his friend mike as well, but secretly its more for me. its an unlimited all-access pass to every online class that masterclass has to offer. we’ve started with the james suckling wine appreciation class, duh, but i cannot wait to dive into some of the writing courses, guitar, singing, even science and economics
  • shaker set
    • this is the chicest little set for your kitchen counter and comes with a great book full of the classics and modern drinks. a staple for any fellow alcoholic
  • vinyl records
    • we have a record player at my house and we just love it – there is something so fun about playing a record rather than streaming something from a speaker. we all got a lot of records this year (fleetwood mac, a star is born, guardians 1 & 2) and i can’t stop jamming out
  • wine chiller
    • if you’re a wine snob like my family, you’ll love this chiller. everyone knows whites and reds need to be chilled to be best enjoyed, but it’s so annoying to have to wait and leave the bottle in the fridge. this instead is a metal rod and aerator that you keep in the freezer. when you want your wine, take it out and plop it into your bottle to keep beverages cold without having to wait! just be sure to pour a little taster out before you put the rod in, as some bottles are filled too high to add the rod immediately
  • hair curler
    • mom and i both struggle with ultra flat hair, so i got her this really cool volumizing, sleeking, curling device that does all three with a hairbrush-like rod. we’ve been loving it so far and it gives great shape and body
  • womens gloves
    • momma is off to paris soon, so nice, warm gloves were a must considering her old ones were CLOTH and covered in coffee stains (oops, sorry!)
  • egg pore balm
    • haven’t tried this yet but can’t wait to – is rumored to give you ultra-smooth skin with like no trace of pores. its facetune in a bottle
  • passport holder
    • again, for mom. this is a really cute but still simple/modern passport holder that carries your passport and a few cards. when you’re traveling abroad its so important to have your passport with you always, and my mom is always so worried about having her purse stolen that i thought this was an easy one-stop guarantee that she has everything she needs without needing a purse
  • mens joggers
    • casey was in desperate need of joggers and these ones are pretty cool with the zipper pocket
  • carhartt jacket
    • keeps my electrician warm, you can’t go wrong with a carhartt jacket. however, i bought mine at carhartt, and i would recommend buying at dicks for easier returns when you buy him a small and he complains that he’s actually a medium. ok honey.
  • peacoat
    • everyone needs a good winter coat and for the wannabe stylish guys in your life, this is perfect. it’s still very understated but warm and classic
  • jersey
    • if you see your SO on sundays, i hate you
  • wallet
    • i spent a pretty solid amount of time picking out a mens wallet because frankly the needs could not be different from what i would look for in a wallet. i searched high and low for good quality but still understated, masculine, and very streamlined. no one wants a big lump in their pants (debatable i guess)
  • golf pants
    • nike has some great golf pant options on amazon and they came in fitting like a glove
  • calphalon cookware
    • for the chef in your life, get them new pots and pans. you truly cannot go wrong. my dad’s face just lit up at the idea that he could finally throw away the old pots he’s been using, and calphalon is a fantastic brand to gift to your mini guy fieri
  • sitting pillow
    • casey plays a lot of video games – a lot – and this memory foam sitting pillow is great for reading, video games, hell, even eating in bed
  • skincare pillow cases
    • if youre picky about skincare like we are at the price family household, you know how bad pillowcases are for your skin. check out these skincare pillowcases that actually help keep your face clean and bacteria-free even while you sleep
  • golf glove and ballsack
    • yes, you read that right. a golf ballsack. its pretty funny looking and though i doubt it will ever get used, it’s a great stocking stuffer. plus the glove says “nice shot” right down the middle finger for less-than-tiger-status players

gifts everyone else got that now i wish i did:

  • fleece sweater
    • these are so cute and so so cozy and i regret not asking for one. with the teddy coat trend still on a big high, i feel like these are a good everyday alternative to the oversized fuzzy jackets
  • big statement coat
  • puff ball beanie
    • ugh so cute and so perfect for any winter trip! channeling my inner snow bunny in this
  • slippers
    • ugg slippers look so comfortable and i want that for myself. plus then kali can have free range on all my cozy socks
  • a fiancé
    • just kidding. mostly


anything you got that you want to share? let me know & i can add it to this list and also envy you.

no, that’s just my facial massager

for the last three weeks, every weekday, i have been engaging in *facial massage*.

i’m sure by now you’ve heard of this, unless you live under a rock or actually listen to things of importance instead of podcasts about your skin. but if you haven’t, i’m here to give you the scoop & my version of the perfect facial massage.

i first learned about facial massage from The Skinny Confidential, a blog and podcast i’m disgustingly obsessed with. author and podcaster lauryn evarts mentions ‘lymphatic drainage‘ like ten times every episode, so i dug a little deeper to learn what she was talking about.

little had i known, your face actually holds a lot of fluids that are a part of your lymphatic system. this system helps drain toxins from your body, but can often become stagnant because they have nothing keeping them flowing. typically, the lymphatic system flows due to exercise and massage – hence, facial massage.

lymphatic massage for your face does wonders. it reduces puffiness, dark circles, and helps show off the contouredness of your cheeks and jawline (sorry kim k, guess i don’t need your contour kit after all). while you can get one professionally done by your esthetician, which i’m sure is the superior method, us budget-gals gotta diy that shit.

first, buy a little vibrating massager FOR YOUR FACE on amazon. yes it’s weird but just do it. i bought this one for a couple bucks and it came in like two days. i love the bar because i feel like it delivers a more focused massage.

next, wash & oil your face. i’ll be writing a blog post on this soon too, but oil is so so so great for your skin, even (& especially!) if you’re already oily.

now, you can be an overachiever like me and do this massage in the car while you’re driving to work listening to podcasts, or you could wake up early enough like a proper adult to do this before putting on your makeup not at your desk.

i always start at my forehead – go from the center of your head to the end of the eyebrow in one direction 15-20 times. this is draining the fluid from your forehead to your temples. i like to do one side and then the other, but i don’t think it really matters. work the whole forehead from hairline to brow bone.

next i do my eyes. this is the part where i spend a lot of time, because i tend to have pretty puffy under eyes from the loads of salt i consume on a daily basis (working on that). i start at the nose and glide over the puffiness to my temple and repeat another 15-20 times. then i move a little lower and repeat over the cheek.

by now, i’m feeling like there’s a frog in my throat from all the fluid that’s getting moved around – but that’s okay! just means it’s working and fluid is being drained from the face.

next i do from my mouth to my ear 15-20 times, and along my chin to my ear another 15-20. always do this massage as if your face is in half, rather than going from one ear to the other. always start in the center and work out.

lastly, i drain whatever is left. starting at the temple, i move down past my ear and down my neck. this helps drain from the neck too so i don’t look like some roided out 90s athlete. once i’ve done that 15-20 times, i go from the jawline to the collarbone in straight lines.

et voila! a beautiful, contoured face pre-makeup. this has become a staple in my day-to-day beauty routine and i feel tighter and less puffy. long term benefits also include reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, which i’m already hyper aware of at 24 (and you should be too!)

give facial massage a try by using your fingers first if you want, before moving to a tool! let me know your thoughts & if you love the benefits. also let me know how you do yours! focused me-time? passive multi-tasking? either way, enjoy!

rip her to shreds

i just freaking love this look. in part because i distressed these jeans myself, but also because a tight turtleneck is (imo) one of the sexiest looks. something so understated about them!

these were lucky brand boyfriend jeans that i tore apart about two years ago during a gossip girl binge. the best part about distressing your jeans is that it’s easy and mindless, once you’ve decided where the tears will go. here’s my no-fail, step-by-step guide to distressing your favorite boyfriend jeans.

1. put the jeans on and, with a sharpie, mark (tiny dots!) where you want the holes to be. for instance, with these jeans i knew i wanted big, wide holes in the thigh region, so my dots were wide set. put them in the four corners of the hole.

2. next, using scissors, cut horizontally along the top and bottom of the hole.

3. using tweezers, pull the dark, denim threads upwards and out of the jeans. the jeans are held together in a crossing pattern, so pulling the denim threads out vertically is what creates the white stripes within the hole. this part is tedious but mindless, so this is where gossip girl came in for me.

4. once you’ve pulled all the denim strands out, use the tweezers (closed or open) and run them across the cut you made. this gives the cut a distressed look instead of a perfect, clean cut. washing them will also also help rough the cuts up.

5. repeat wherever you want a hole or a distressed patch!

evolve with pvolve

jesus christ – if you’re looking for a workout that makes you shake, stretch, tone, & sore all at once (while also appearing ridiculously and laughably easy), then you’re in the right spot. pvolve is for you. use my code PVOLVEPRICE for 30 days of free streaming!

i mean seriously, this workout is magic. in one hour (ideally less) i tone, stretch, and push my muscles to the limit all while streaming from my phone. talk about making life easy.

summary for lazy readers: pvolve is an amazing streamable workout that you can do anywhere, with or without equipment, & see immediate results! get 30 days completely free streaming with my personal code PVOLVEPRICE

over the “holiday” weekend (LOL), i did the pvolve 3 day challenge. holy fudge it’s a killer. each workout is a little longer than usual (1hr – 1hr 20min) but they target all over your damn body and make you sweat like crazy. on saturday i took before pics, and tuesday morning took my afters.

the ONLY thing i changed over these three days was my workout. bible. on saturday i drank vodka/gin/champagne & ate everything (brie, deviled eggs, shrimp, tacos, truffle fries), sunday i had pancakes, a tuna melt, and popcorn with sriracha (!!), & monday i had chicken, steak, mashed potatoes and a fuck load of cookies. and only worked out once a day for those three days. this is still my transformation:

YES I KNOW IM STILL CHUNKY thank you trolls. but on another note, WTF?! how did the bloat go down… how did the stomach get flatter… i’m even wanting to call “photoshop!!”, but it’s so fucking not. its just the power of pvolve.

now mind you, i did these workouts with 0 equipment, for two reasons. first, i don’t have any of the equipment so what other choice did I have? second, & more important (pretending this is the real reason), i wanted to be able to show people that pvolve can transform your body quickly, easily, and with no equipment. all you need is your cell phone, and ideally some wireless headphones so you aren’t that girl at the gym full-blast streaming her awkward fucking model workout (💁🏼‍♀️).

honest to god though, i love this workout. 8 reps per move, never more, and you move on. tiny, focused movements that target small but powerful muscles in your body to tone and lean out as much as you can dream possible. plus, it’s recommended to avoid cardio and heavy lifting while doing pvolve, because the workout focuses on anti-inflammatory training – in other words, it reduces the stress swelling on your muscles when you do heavy or intense impact & makes your body tighter because of this.

so i’ve decided to keep doing pvolve religiously, more than i already was, just cause now i have proof from myself that it works. i hope you join me cause you see it works & cause you know you get 30 days free streaming with my code PVOLVEPRICE.

before, i was doing it because the VS models do it, but now i’m just gonna become one – look out world!!!

welcome to new york

hello to my fans, sorry it’s been so long since i wrote you. i’m so incredibly busy, it can be hard to remember the little people.

joking, of course, minus the busy part. october has kicked my ass and taken my name, and left me tired, sore, and kinda stinky. time for a shower.

in all the hustle and bustle of my busy life, i recently went to nyc on a whim, marking my third time in the beautiful city. still haven’t been during the summer, but that can be a 2019 goal. however, i have decided that the third time truly is the charm, and now i can claim myself a nyc expert. here are my favorites – the must sees, eats, and dos of the city.

*keep in mind, i love to do some touristy stuff the first time i go somewhere & then usually never again – if it makes this list, its either worth seeing twice or its not a tourist destination/spot you’ve heard of yet*

must see:

brooklyn bridge – this is a personal favorite of mine. take the subway into brooklyn and wander through dumbo, then cross back to manhattan by walking across the bridge. the views are unreal and when you’ve crossed, you’re not far from chinatown, soho, etc.

soho – for me, soho is everything that i love about the city. in midtown, new york feels like any other city – big, shiny buildings and crowded streets. but there’s something about the character in soho that feels so much more new york. get a cocktail, do some shopping, stop by this cute café for a cookie shot – soho can fill up an entire day.

central park – this is truly one of the most beautiful places i have ever been. from the lake to the paths to the zoo – central park has it all. plus gorgeous views of the city from wherever you are. grab a cup of coffee and wander through the park while you enjoy the perfect blend of city and nature (and people watching).

cute neighborhoods to hit:

upper westside for brownstones and pretty much everything that embodies the life i want to live

tribeca for its blend of cityscape and still so much character (brick, cobblestone streets, boutique cafés)

must eat (brunch):

rock and reilly’s – great  spot in midtown, quiet and elevated. loved the smoked salmon pizza

l’amico in nomad – deeeeelicious! this place was a little loud & a little slow but that’s brunch for you. I recommend the lemon ricotta pancakes – the whipped lemon whatever it was that you put on top with the blueberry compote is absolutely heavenly

hotel chantelle in lower east side – i loved this spot for a good boozy brunch, and their smoked salmon platter is not only delicious, but also so instagram worthy. while we were there, there was a live band which was a little bit loud but absolutely phenomenal!

must eat (lunch/snack spots):

the plaza – get your boujee on and splurge a little – you only live once. caviar, champagne, tea and all the delicious finger sandwiches of your dreams in the most beautiful and elevated setting. felt like a princess.

katz deli – delicious meats in the lower east side, known for its scene in when harry met sally (see this movie, seriously) where she fakes her orgasm. and let’s be honest, the food is real-orgasm worthy.

must eat (dinner):

butter in midtown – feel like blair waldorf and the minions in this delicious spot. must get the midtown fizz cocktail & pan seared scallops

catch in meatpacking – this place is unreal. great for shareable bites, and especially for the seafood, we loved the oysters and the sushi rolls

tao – the. fucking. chilean. seabass!!!!!!!! unreal. unrealllll like if you don’t eat this you’re going to die sad. the ambiance is amazing with a very cool asian fusion theme, from the massive buddha in the middle of the room to the dark, moody lighting. also, get the saketini.

must do:

PHD rooftop – the views are incredible here so that alone makes it worthwhile. plus, if you wanna feel super inadequate you can come here and stare at all the insanely pretty people around you.

top of the rock – this is the best view in the city because you can see the empire state building in the skyline rather than being in the tower. it’s only about $35 per person to go up to the top and you can explore three tiers of views, all from the safety of enclosed glass. go at sunset, it’s amazing.

see a live show – so this could be anything from broadway to stand up, but when i went in april my best friend and i saw live with kelly and ryan, which was an amazing opportunity to see how a live show is recorded. so many great shows are recorded in nyc and they are usually free to attend, and if you dress up real cute you can be in the front row (*insert hair flip*) .

let me know if you visit any of these spots, or what your favorites are – i’ll be back again soon so if there’s anything you didn’t see on this list that you’re dying to know about, i’ll be your tester. keep your eye out for my favorites from the bahamas – i leave tomorrow! can’t wait. xox

more milkshakes pls!

i just die for a camel coat in the fall. nothing says ‘i’m ready to eat my weight in pumpkin pie’ quite like a camel coat.

shop the items here!

pacsun shirt (this one is the one i’m wearing, but you can find awesome graphic tees here)

fashionnova jeans

FILA disruptor II

prettylittlething coat (the exact one i bought is gone, so here is one from them that is the same color, and here is one that is more similar but from asos/boohoo)