hi everyone! welcome to my world. expect alcohol and rants on the reg.

here you’ll find a little bit of everything. my style, my diet, my skincare, my relationships, my thoughts on everything and anything. come here for a laugh and a lesson. don’t be a little bitch if i’m being a huge one, i’m here to deliver truth serum and love all packaged in one.

my goal for this site is for you to have a person who will do anything, try anything, so you don’t have to try it first. new workout? i’ll try it. new skincare line? leave it to me. movies, restaurants, books, routines… i do it all. wondering about boys and booze and boobs, i’m definitely your girl.

you see, my life is kinda a mess, so who better to try something new and fuck everything up than me? i ain’t got nothin better to do. email me all your requests (and your fandom) at hannahfaithprice@gmail.com so i can be your guinea pig/yoda.