evolve with pvolve

jesus christ – if you’re looking for a workout that makes you shake, stretch, tone, & sore all at once (while also appearing ridiculously and laughably easy), then you’re in the right spot. pvolve is for you. use my code PVOLVEPRICE for 30 days of free streaming!

i mean seriously, this workout is magic. in one hour (ideally less) i tone, stretch, and push my muscles to the limit all while streaming from my phone. talk about making life easy.

summary for lazy readers: pvolve is an amazing streamable workout that you can do anywhere, with or without equipment, & see immediate results! get 30 days completely free streaming with my personal code PVOLVEPRICE

over the “holiday” weekend (LOL), i did the pvolve 3 day challenge. holy fudge it’s a killer. each workout is a little longer than usual (1hr – 1hr 20min) but they target all over your damn body and make you sweat like crazy. on saturday i took before pics, and tuesday morning took my afters.

the ONLY thing i changed over these three days was my workout. bible. on saturday i drank vodka/gin/champagne & ate everything (brie, deviled eggs, shrimp, tacos, truffle fries), sunday i had pancakes, a tuna melt, and popcorn with sriracha (!!), & monday i had chicken, steak, mashed potatoes and a fuck load of cookies. and only worked out once a day for those three days. this is still my transformation:

YES I KNOW IM STILL CHUNKY thank you trolls. but on another note, WTF?! how did the bloat go down… how did the stomach get flatter… i’m even wanting to call “photoshop!!”, but it’s so fucking not. its just the power of pvolve.

now mind you, i did these workouts with 0 equipment, for two reasons. first, i don’t have any of the equipment so what other choice did I have? second, & more important (pretending this is the real reason), i wanted to be able to show people that pvolve can transform your body quickly, easily, and with no equipment. all you need is your cell phone, and ideally some wireless headphones so you aren’t that girl at the gym full-blast streaming her awkward fucking model workout (💁🏼‍♀️).

honest to god though, i love this workout. 8 reps per move, never more, and you move on. tiny, focused movements that target small but powerful muscles in your body to tone and lean out as much as you can dream possible. plus, it’s recommended to avoid cardio and heavy lifting while doing pvolve, because the workout focuses on anti-inflammatory training – in other words, it reduces the stress swelling on your muscles when you do heavy or intense impact & makes your body tighter because of this.

so i’ve decided to keep doing pvolve religiously, more than i already was, just cause now i have proof from myself that it works. i hope you join me cause you see it works & cause you know you get 30 days free streaming with my code PVOLVEPRICE.

before, i was doing it because the VS models do it, but now i’m just gonna become one – look out world!!!

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